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Total Coat Finish is a glossy top coat to be applied over TC Undercoating/Gravel guard or TC Heavy Duty Coating to change the appearance from matte black to glossy. TC Finish is a water based product that dries to a hard, glossy abrasion resistant finish when properly applied as a top coat on Total Coat products.TC Finish cannot be used by itself as a corrosion protection, undercoating or abrasion protection coating. TC Finish is designed to top coat Total Coat products only, do not apply on any other coatings.

A cross linked Finish coating of 0.5 mm ( 20 mil) thickness maintains its original elasticity for may years without cracking or peeling. Bottle 1 quart.


· Waterborne

· UV resistant

· Dries to a beautiful glossy finish

· Exceeds Salt Spray Mist Corrosion Test ( GM 4298p) 1000 hrs

· Outstanding anti –chipping performance ( Gravelometer test GM9508p)

· Single component product, no additives or  mixing required

· 1 year shelf life  ( keep from freezing)

· Coverage:  1 qt = 20 ft2



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