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Spray Gun:

Spray gun designed for the application of soundproofing, gravel protection and bituminous/wax-based rustproofing and undercoating. The gun has a threaded collar which allows for direct attachment to the product canister. This gun is equipped with an aluminum suction plunger.

A choice of optional plastic wands (shown at the bottom of this page) are available.

The Undercoating Wand (item RA1 UCW) may be helpful in the application of undercoating in hard to reach places, i.e. behind mufflers and around exhaust pipes. 24 inches long, 10 MM (3/8") OD, 5 MM (3/16") ID, M11x0.75 thread.

The Rustproofing Wand (item RA1 RPW) will atomize the rustproofing in hollow beams, cavities and inside doors. 32 inches long, 10 MM (3/8") OD, 5 MM (3/16") ID, M11x0.75 thread.

  • Gun body in aluminum

  • Working pressure: 3-4 bar. (max 10 bar), 40-60 psi (max 140 psi)

  • Approximate air consumption: 200-300 L per min

  • Net weight: 14 oz

  • Noise level <80 dba

  • Adjustable nozzle allows for the application of various coats and patterns

  • Made in Italy

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